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OrgaNick Pastures earns top rating

We now have an independent source suggesting OrgaNick Pastures produces Wisconsin’s Favorite Eggs.

Last week, we were made aware the Cornucopia Institute -- an international agricultural watchdog ensuring integrity in the industry -- gave our eggs a 5 out of 5 on its ratings scale. The scale accounts for things like size of farm, access to outdoors, care of poultry as well as several more standards. We joined farms around the nation receiving a perfect rating and out-paced several competitors selling their eggs alongside ours.

Cornucopia Institute researches and investigates companies claiming to be organic to make sure the agricultural industry maintains its integrity. The Institute is a national watchdog with staff around the country working toward sustainable farming practices.

OrgaNick Pastures is one of three Wisconsin farms to receive a perfect rating from the point system. The other two farms are Dream Farms in Cross Plains and Pasture Patterns in Mount Horeb. Neither of these farms market their eggs as widely as OrgaNick Pastures.

As we’ve expressed regularly, and now a third-party auditor agrees, the alternatives at your grocery stores are inferior. Take a look at their website to see the list of eggs happily lining up behind ours.

When you buy eggs from OrgaNick Pastures, you’re joining us in our effort to have a safer, healthier food supply system. Thank you for the continued support of Wisconsin’s Favorite Eggs.

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