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OrgaNick Pastures donates to local organizations

RIO, Wis. -- OrgaNick Pastures, the colorful egg company winning favor in homes across Wisconsin, announced Monday that it will be making donations to help organizations continue to utilize collective action to improve their communities.

The first organizations selected by OrgaNick Pastures will be the Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin, the Fox Valley Memory Project based in Appleton and the Community Table in Eau Claire. A thread connecting all three of these organizations is their commitment to the long-term progressive fabric of their communities and willingness to prioritize the well-being of their neighbors.

OrgaNick Pastures owner Nick Westby said he hopes these donations will help each of these organizations continue to make positive impacts in their neighborhoods.

“I hope when people buy our eggs they realize we aren’t a company making money for executives in Europe or Texas,” Westby said. “We’re a family farm that wants everyone buying our eggs to know we appreciate them and hope they’ll continue to support their neighbors -- both during the pandemic and after we get through it.”

The donations to the Community Action Coalition will specifically help with the Double Dollars program at Willy Street Co-op in Madison and farmers markets in Dane, Jefferson and Waukesha Counties. The program matches USDA Snap benefits and ensures customers will purchase from locally sourced food.

Fox Valley Memory Project plans to use donations from OrgaNick Pastures to buy supplies for activities and caregiver support groups. The Fox Valley Memory Project is a standard-setting independent organization that serves the Fox River Valley. Over the past decade, the organization has helped educate businesses to operate in a dementia-friendly manner; helped connect caregivers with support and respite; and helped better equip communities to care for loved ones before they need professional support.

The Community Table serves to-go meals in Eau Claire and has been serving meals in the area on a daily basis since 1993. TCT will be using our donations to sponsor their “Birthday-in-a-Bag” program which helps people in need celebrate their birthdays. Our donations also will cover the cost that volunteer teams need to pay to prepare and serve meals. In a year, TCT serves as many as 50,000 meals.

Westby and his fiancé Holly Hornback made the selections for these organizations by looking for organizations who have a proven history of connecting with their communities and demonstrated persistence during the pandemic to continue making an impact on people in need.

It’s their hope they’ll be able to make regular donations to partners in regions where their eggs are sold. If you’d like to make contributions to any of these specific organizations, please follow this link to our Community Involvement portion of the website beneath, “About Us,” for more information.

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