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Did you see us in the news?

Updated: May 7, 2021

Last Friday, the Wisconsin Examiner published a story about farmers finding a niche in an industry that regularly makes headlines for multi-generation family farms closing down their operation. We love that the online publication recognized our farm as a unique operation prioritizing a quality life for hens in a world that has been more focused on mass-production of eggs to the detriment of chickens.

We know we occupy a unique space in the industry -- after all, we are the first certified humane, pasture-raised organic chicken farm producing eggs in Wisconsin. We often have to remind ourselves that we're establishing a business during a pandemic as a soon-to-be pair of 26-year-olds competing on store shelves with large international corporations.

All things considered, it has been an eventful 14 months. Seeing the social media traffic, comments, shares, etc. on the article from the Wisconsin Examiner was great reminder of the support we been fortunate to have over the last few years. It was a good opportunity to take inventory of where OrgaNick Pastures has been and what we've accomplished.

The number of stores our eggs are sold in doubled from 2019 to 2020. The number of distribution centers for stores to buy from for there shelves is going to double from 2020 to 2021. Of course, you'd expect that when a business is starting, but we've been able to grow right away because people are learning about the difference between a farm with 2.5 million chickens packed into a couple barns and a family farm raising chickens organically on pastures.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for choosing OrgaNick Pastures and for prioritizing a more dignified food supply.

Interacting with our customers makes any chaos worth it and that's why Nick meant what he said in the quote at the end of the article, the toughest challenge with running OrgaNick Pastures is that its so much fun growing the business, hanging out in the pastures with the chickens, fixing things the chickens knock over, moving chickens out of the holes we dig to plant trees, feeding chickens worms we find when we're planting trees, talking to the chickens, listening to the chickens, all of it.

It's fun.


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