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Tree planting in Marcellon

It's time to plant trees for Earth Day and Arbor Day! Planting trees in the pasture serves a number of purposes for the hens at OrgaNick Pastures. The first purpose is to (eventually) provide shade in the pasture as the hens graze and forage in the summer months. The second purpose is to offer a change of scenery for the hens to enjoy -- hens are curious and they love to inspect the dirt around plants and trees. The last and perhaps most important purpose is to help us be good stewards of the environment. Every tree we plant helps reduce our carbon footprint on the earth ensuring a more suitable environment for future generations. One of the reasons it's important for farmers to meet organic standards is to ensure our farming practices reduce carbon emissions and are conscious of our water consumption. Please join OrgaNick Pastures this year by planting trees to support a more positive future for our planet!

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