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Why are eggs from OrgaNick Pastures more valuable for consumers?

Our chickens have an average of 108 square feet of pasture per layer hen to graze throughout the day in good weather. Those hens also have ample space inside our barns with several levels for eating, drinking, and living within the flock. At non-organic farms, it is rare for a chicken to see the outdoors.

How does an organic lifestyle for the hens translate into the eggs?

Because our hens spend more time outside than our competition, they have a higher level of Vitamin D in the eggs. When the hens spend their lives outside, the eggs have a reduced level of bad cholesterol and salmonella.

Where can I buy OrgaNick Pastures eggs?

Check out this interactive map of locations our eggs are sold by clicking on this link.

What do the chickens eat?

Our chickens eat a number of different things. In the grazing months, they eat pasture, bugs, worms, and insects. Pretty much anything they can find in the pasture. During those months, they also have access to feed in the barn which is a combination of grains, grasses, and minerals. In the winter, when there isn't much for pasture, we supplement them with hay bales.

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