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Community Engagement

The covid-19 pandemic showed the importance of small business as communities reeled attempting to figure out how they would manage the uncertainty. OrgaNick Pastures recognizes its role in the community and hopes to continue to support the community that makes business possible. When customers support local businesses, they're far more likely to see support come back to their communities. That's our long-term promise. 

On this page, you'll see the organizations in each community that we're proud to partner with on various projects. We invite you to make donations along with us. Small amounts lead to big contributions. These organizations rely on help from all sizes of donations. 

If you cannot afford to make a contribution, know that each carton of eggs you purchase from OrgaNick Pastures is an investment in your own community. 

Community Action Coalition -- Double Dollars

Farmers Market

We're making a financial contribution to the Community Action Coalition of South Central Wisconsin. This chapter of CAC services Dane, Jefferson and Waukesha County. CAC helps its community with multiple programs, including: housing security, food security, life skills development, and Koats for Kids. 

Our contribution will go toward the Double Dollars program, which matches USDA SNAP benefits allowing SNAP recipients to purchase items from vendors at Farmers Markets. The Farmers Market portion of the program is active during the height of Farmers Market season. In the off-season, Willy Street Co-op runs a similar program.

If you would be interested in joining us as we support the Community Action Coalition, visit their website by clicking on this link and make a donation today.

Fox Valley Memory Project

Modern Senior Woman

Our financial contribution to the Fox Valley Memory Project comes from our recognition of dementia as a unique, ever-present negative force in our communities. Communities are uniquely positioned to help each other manage the challenges that come in the early stages of dementia. The Fox Valley Memory Project offers that specific support in the communities in their region.

Our contribution will help the Fox Valley Memory Project purchase supplies for activities, rent space for Memory Cafes, and help offer caregivers respite as well as emotional support. 

If you would be interested in joining us as we support this project, follow this link. If you would like to find a similar organization closer to your community, please visit your local Aging & Disability Resource Center to find a comparable program.

The Community Table

Food Packing

The Community Table is the third organization we're making a donation to in the first half of 2021. Since 1993, The Community Table has been helping feed people in Eau Claire at various churches and venues in the community. This organization doesn't take days off and they've continued to serve their neighbors with to-go meals throughout the pandemic. 

It is because of the persistence and dedication TCT exhibits that we decided to partner with them and make a contribution to help with two of their programs. The first is the Birthday-in-a-Bag program, which helps people celebrate their birthdays with various party favors. The second is to cover the cost for ingredients and other costs to help groups when they're volunteering at TCT.

If you are interested in making a donation of either time or monetary to The Community Table, visit their website today

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