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Why choose eggs from
pasture-raised chickens?

All eggs are not the same. Our layer hens get a balanced diet from pasture, bugs, insects, and USDA Organic feed.

Don't fall for the "free-range" marketing tool. Many free-range chicken farms only allow their layer hens up to two square feet of outdoor access. Those outdoor patios go from dirt to mud quickly. They are also not required to be outside everyday.

Our ladies are given 108 square feet of pasture to roam every single day. Even in the winter, we plow out paths for them and lay down​ hay for them to forage on.

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OrgaNick Pastures USDA Organic Certified Humane Pasture Raised Eggs

Nick's Natures Acres Cage-Free Eggs

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Nick's Natures Acres eggs are in the stores!

OrgaNick Pastures in stores first week of October!

Our favorite eggs, OrgaNick Pastures Certified Humane Pasture-Raised Eggs will be hitting the shelves at the stores next week, the first week of October!

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